About Us

        Hangzhou Jiatuo Auto Parts Co., Ltd is a professional brake system parts manufacturing group ,we specialize in brake pads and brake shoes products, be OEM supplier , pasted European E-MARK certification.It can supply more than 2,000 deffrent part items , covering German , French , American , Japanese , Korean various models .
        We strictly control product quality in accordance with international standards , and has a fully equipped test center. Since 1992 , the annual production of automotive components based on years of experience, we are now focusing on developing technology brake parts.
       We have done extensive testing and research. Currently, we have got several series , high-temperature ceramic , semi-metallic series of special wear-resistant , low-noise series of semi-metallic fiber , carbon fiber series , Aeronautical Materials special ceramic series. We have a well-known high- quality products, competitive price and excellent service . Our values : put the customer first , to ensure high -quality products. Now our products are exported to over 100 countries and regions in the world . Advanced design , quality materials , skilled production technology and complete service and support , has won many of our customers and long-term cooperation . Tentec Holding Group need your continued attention and support. The more information about your requirements , feel free to contact us . We hope to receive your detailed inquiry soon , and are looking forward to in the near future with your cooperation.  

Hot Products

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